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The Herbelly Story

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Hello and thank you for stopping by to learn the story about the origins of Herbelly Teas.

My name is Stefanie Prizmic. I live with my young family in the beautiful regional town of Mareeba, Far North Queensland.  I am the proud owner of the Herbelly Teas range that was founded in 2014. What I love about the Herbelly Teas range is that it offers a healthy (and tasty) caffeine-free alternative to mainstream tea and coffee.  I conduct extensive research and collaborate with various industry experts to develop special herbal combinations that are healthy, beautiful and enjoyable.


Over the years, Herbelly has evolved into a happy, free-spirited boutique tea range, featuring a colourful and unique collection of healthy herbal tea blends. Herbelly Teas has grown in purpose, serving as a tribute to the simple little things that enrich our lives and brings us joy.


All of my teas are completely natural and made from pure loose leaf tea blends.  Wherever possible, organic ingredients are sourced and used. Herbelly teas have been lovingly hand crafted for their special health benefits, their unique flavours and above all, their colourful personalities. 

I hope my happy teas inspire you and bring some happiness to your day.



 - Stefanie xo

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